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Veegen Diet Care

The Company is setting up Cafes, Restaurants, Fine dine Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants, Central Kitchens, Cloud Kitchens, and manufacturing units for production of Vegan foods, Healthy foods, Culinary foods, Foods for Nutraceutical Foods, Ready to Use Therapeutic foods, Nutrition based foods, Foods with added probiotic ingredients, Fortified foods, Novel food, Foods for special dietary use, Specialty foods containing plant or botanical ingredients, Nutraceuticals, Functional food additives, Dairy alternatives and foods for undernourished, malnourished, Calorie sufficient and Nutrient deficient in India and Global Markets. Veegen Diet has been promoted by a Team of Professionals with wide experience in Nutraceuticals, Food Science, Pharmaceuticals, Bio Technology & Marketing. Unhealthy diets and lack of physical activities are leading global risks to health.

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Increased production of processed foods, rapid urbanization, and changing lifestyles have led to shifts in dietary patterns. All the major recipes in the Food Processing Industry were developed over 100 years ago when lifestyle was healthy. In the existing scenario, a large number of people living in Cities lead a sedentary lifestyle and no physical activities, high-stress levels, low intake of fruits and vegetables, and high intake of calorie-dense foods. This has led to the onset of lifestyle disease at an early age with severity. Veegen Diet works on the reformulation of the existing foods, beverages, and dairy products by reducing or replacing Unhealthy Ingredients with Natural, Healthy, and Innovative ingredients that have been validated at a Scientific Level and approved by the regulatory authority. Veegen Diet Care Complete Wellness solutions to Individuals at the workplace and home to consume a Ready Meal which has a reduction of unhealthy ingredients from their existing recipes and replaces them with healthier alternatives that do not impact the Taste of the final product.

Key Areas of Focus

Reducing intake of free Sugars.

Reduce saturated fats & transfats.

Reduce intake of refined flour.

Reduce intake of Sodium.

Reduce intake of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Our Pioneering Institutes

Replacement of Sugar with Natural Sweeteners.

Replace a small portion of Fat with omega-3 fatty acids from a Vegetarian source.

Replace refined flour with Mixed Millet based flour rich in Fiber & Protein.

Reduce Sodium in Diet & Fortification of Diet with Micro Nutrients.

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